How can SENCOs respond to the COVID lockdown and transition back to school?

Webinar - 10:30 - 12:00 21 May 2020

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Do you want to plan a successful transition back to school for pupils with SEND? This free webinar is suitable for SENCOs and members of SLT who want to plan a successful transition back to school for their pupils with SEND.

What will this session cover?

  • How has COVID affected children and young people with SEND?
  • What have we done so far and what has been the impact?
  • What do SENCOs need to think about for next year?

What are the benefits to you and the children or young people you work with?

  • You will be able to hear about and discuss a range of responses to COVID
  • You will be able to think about how you plan for next term
  • Children and young people with SEND will have a more successful transition back to school

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