Understanding Speech, Language and Communication Needs

  • Online
  • 25 Feb 2021 (13:00 - 14:30)

This webinar, suitable for all staff, will provide a comprehensive overview of current research and understanding around the range of speech, language and communication needs that students can experience. The perspective of young people with SLCN will help to bring real-world context to this understanding. The course will empower delegates to provide even better support for pupils with this specific need as well as providing a broader insight into how this support can benefit all pupils. 

What will this course cover? 

  • Current research around the broad range of SLCN that students may have as well as considering social constructions of (dis)ability 
  • The impact that the learning environment can play in enabling or disabling students 
  • What types of adjustments and support can be of most benefit to students 

What are the potential benefits to you and the children or young people you work with? 

  • Greater knowledge and understanding of SLCN and the ways in which they can manifest 
  • Better support for students with SLCN who you work with 
  • Greater sense of belonging and engagement for your students 

Suitable for: Inclusion Manager/Leader, SENCO, Senior Leader, Support staff, Teacher, Teaching Assistant

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Dr James Galpin

Meet your trainer

Dr James Galpin

Dr James Galpin is an Education Officer at nasen and leads on the development and delivery of  the organisations CPDL programme. He is also a chartered Developmental Psychologist who specialises in universal difficulties that children and young people experience.

Black and white photograph of Anja Rellstab

Meet your trainer

Anja Rellstab

Anja Rellstab is a trainee teacher at the University of Manchester. She is currently studying for her PGCE after having done her BSc in Physics at UCL. As a neurodiverse student (ASD) Anja has had a passion for SEND advocacy since they were a  pupil in secondary school where she went through most of her education without much support from her teachers. Anja started a YouTube channel to explain her needs to a wider audience and it has over time become a community where people can share their own school experiences too. Since creating the YouTube channel, Anja has expanded her advocacy to giving talks on autism to university students and teachers with SEND learners. Anja has also taken steps to improve representation of autism in the media, especially autistic girls, by collaborating with authors and screenwriters. Anja has found her own experiences valuable in identifying areas where pupils might have difficulties and how to then make adjustments accordingly. She hopes, through delivering training, to enable all practitioners to have a greater understanding of pupil needs, including Speech, Language and Communication Needs and to leave you with more ways in which you can support all learners, including those with SLCN.