New Membership FAQ's

On this page you will find a regularly updated and reviewed list of questions frequently asked by those interested in joining nasen, new members, current members and online learners.  If you have any questions that are not answered on this page please contact the nasen team on: and a member of the team will get back to you. 

What are the membership changes in a nutshell?

From January 2021, nasen membership will be completely FREE for individuals in the UK.

This free membership will replace our current tiered model and will offer a range of benefits including exclusive online access to nasen Connect magazine six times a year, a wide bundle of e-communications including resource news blasts, monthly newsletter, sector newsflash and much more.

In addition, members can access partner discounts, regular updates from the Whole School SEND Consortium and use their collective voice to influence policy and practice at a national level.

A new package of paid-for SEND services will be available throughout the UK and internationally including the SEND CPDL Annual Webinar Pass, SENCO Support Service and nasen Publication Subscription that individuals and schools can purchase to suit their needs.

Further information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available at

Why are you changing the membership?

We are committed to ensuring that our expertise in SEND is available to every school and setting.

It is important that every part of the education workforce – from SENCOs to senior leaders, teachers to TAs, local authorities to leadership boards and beyond - is equipped to understand, identify and support those with SEND and learning differences.

This is particularly important following the COVID-19 pandemic and the long period of social upheaval and disrupted learning that all children and young people have experienced alongside their families and the professionals that support them.

Following a comprehensive consultation with our members last year, we are moving to the free membership to ensure that all education practitioners are given the information and support required so that children and young people with SEND and learning differences can thrive.

Together we can contribute to the national debate and effect change to improve outcomes for early years, schools, post-16 and wider settings and ultimately, the children and young people that they support.

When are these changes coming into effect?

Most of the changes will come into effect from January 25th, 2021. However, some nasen services are available now, for example, the SEND CPDL Annual Webinar Pass, and various CPDL and training events.

Between now and mid-January, can I still access my usual package?

Absolutely. Normal services will resume until the end of your subscription, however new members can sign up and access our existing Bronze membership in the meantime. All memberships will automatically be transferred to the free offer on January 25th, 2020. 

What are the key benefits of nasen membership?

Members will have access to a range of benefits for free, including:

  • Supporting SENCOs, senior leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, local authorities, leadership boards and others to become effective, inclusive practitioners by accessing the most up-to-date knowledge and support rooted in research and evidence-informed best practice
  • Exclusive online access to nasen Connect magazine six times a year, packed with advice, analysis and opinions on the current topics and future trends impacting on the SEND workforce
  • A monthly member newsletter and other regular updates featuring news, topical resources and articles, discounts on training and CPDL, ‘top five takeaways’ and advice for the month ahead alongside upcoming events and networking opportunities
  • Updates from the Whole School SEND Consortium, hosted by nasen. Via the Whole School SEND Community of Practice, members can access free resources including the Whole School SEND Review Guides, research, “What Works” signposting and CPDL training programme including webinars
  • Access to the SEND Gateway – a one-stop shop for all things SEND, hosted by nasen. It is home to information and resources from the Whole School SEND Consortium alongside wider SEND publications, events and the independent SEND Forums e-communities
  • Partner discounts' from a range of selected SEND organisations including 10% off GL Assessment products
  • Regular resource news blasts developed by our specialist in-house education team to provide practical ideas, advice, information and templates to help share best practice and sharing
  • Sector newsflash featuring DfE and policy updates alongside the big issues impacting the sector and calls for opinions on key consultations
  • Representing the voice of members at a national level through responses to Government consultations and work with a range of leading national organisations and initiatives including The National SEND Forum, Early Years SEND Partnership, Government SEND Review, National SEND Reference Group and Special Education Consortium (SEC)
  • Opportunities to influence and shape nasen’s work through thought leadership and peer-to-peer sharing, including participation in activities such as the annual SENCO Workforce Survey, led by Bath Spa University.


In addition to this free membership package, nasen will continue to lead targeted programmes and projects in the UK and internationally to deliver widespread improvements, offering a structured programme of professional development, accredited training and conferences.

What is the new package of paid-for SEND services?

In addition to the free membership offer for members, nasen will continue to lead targeted programmes and projects to deliver widespread improvements, offering a structured programme of professional development, accredited training and conferences.

A new package of SEND services will be available throughout the UK and internationally including:

  • nasen SEND CPDL Annual Webinar Pass (available now) - including at least 30 webinars per academic year on key topics such as The Identification of SEN Post Lockdown, and An Introduction to Mental Health Needs. Book now before January 2021 to access £200 introductory offer making the cost per webinar less than £7
  • nasen Publication Subscription (from January 2021) - encompassing hard copies of nasen Connect magazine and online access to three well-established and respected journals; Support for Learning (SUFL), Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN) and British Journal of Special Education (BJSE). Cost: £85 per annum
  • SENCO Support Service (from January 2021) - supporting anyone in a SENCO role from early years to further education to answer questions or tackle issues around SEND in education. Cost: £200 per annum
  • PLUS… nasen Live will return next year with tickets available at a reduced rate of £99.

Why is organisational membership no longer available?

We want our membership to be easily accessible for everyone, so an individual account provides members with the flexibility to personalise their support and take it with them throughout their career.

Individuals will still be able to name their setting/school upon sign up.

Can members who live outside of the UK access free nasen membership?

For our international colleagues, nasen membership is available for £50 a year.

We are constantly striving to work alongside international projects to strengthen the work we undertake with professionals and help support with research, training and resources.

More information about our international projects can be found at:

What do I need to do to remain a nasen member?

If you are an existing individual member, then you don’t need to do anything. nasen will automatically transfer your membership to the new free offer. We will prompt you to update your details, including your password in January 2021.

Organisational subscriptions will come to an end on the 3rd January 2021 but we will be contacting these members to ensure their key representatives and wider teams are able to register individually for free.

Will I have to renew membership on a yearly basis?

No, membership will automatically renew each year. If you have purchased an optional SEND Service, for example the SENCO Support Service, nasen will contact you towards the end of the yearly subscription to inform you of next steps.

What happens if I no longer wish to be a nasen member anymore?

You have the option to opt out of nasen membership as and when required. This can be done during the initial email confirmation phase or via email at 

How can I update my details and preferences?

You will be able to update your details and preferences in your member login area. We will encourage you to do this on a regular basis.

Will I still need a password to access my membership?

Yes. All nasen services, including those which come as part of the free membership, will be accessible by logging into your account.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset this?

To reset your password please click on the link:

Enter your email address and then click “Email replacement password” you will then receive a new password email, please check your spam if you do not see the email within a couple of minutes.

Follow the instructions in the new password email to set your password and login.

You can also access the forgotten password link directly from the website login page by clicking on

Forgot password?

What’s the difference between being a nasen member and a member of the Whole School SEND Community of Practice?

Members of the Whole School SEND Community of Practice can access free resources, useful research, and opportunities to participate in training (including fully-funded CPD), shaped by those working in the sector, in partnership with families.

Further information is available at

From January onwards, nasen members will automatically be able to access information about the Whole School SEND Community of Practice if they opt in to receive these updates.

Anyone joining the Whole School SEND Community of Practice will receive automatic nasen membership, with access to the range of free benefits.

Why are you removing tiered options?

We are making these changes to ensure that a consistent level of high-quality expertise in SEND is available to every practitioner working with, or for, children with SEND and learning difference to support them to thrive.  

Optional paid for services are available to individuals and schools if and when then require them, ensuring they are able to tailor their package of support in a timely and cost-effective way.