Coming soon January 2021: SENCO Support Service



Launching in January 2021, our SENCO Support Service is here for you when you have a question or an issue you would like to work through around special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) in education. It is a service just for SENCOs.

The support we offer to you is based on our experience, knowledge and skills across SEND and education.

SENCO Support Service FAQs 

Who is the SENCO Support Service for?

nasen’s SENCO Support Service is here to support anyone working as a SENCO or its equivalent e.g. Inclusion Leader or ALNCO, whether that’s in a primary, secondary or all-through school, an Early Years setting or in FE.

Why should I subscribe to the SENCO Support Service?

The nasen education team have a range of lived experiences in SEND; we have been teachers, SENCOs, leaders, worked in specialist outreach and local authority SEND support services, delivered training for professionals working across education, delivered training for NASENCO courses and Initial Teacher Education. We can make our experience and understanding of SEND available to you when you need it.

Here at nasen we understand both the opportunities and challenges presented by the SENCO role. The SENCO Support Service offers a place to think about some of the strategic and operational aspects of leading and managing SEND. We will work with you in a solution-focused way, and signpost useful guidance, organisations or services.

How does the SENCO Support Service work?

  1. The SENCO Support Service has a comprehensive information hub organised into useful topics, which is the first place to search.
  2. If you can’t find what you need in the information hub, send us details of your query using the online form provided. We will respond by email as soon as possible, within 3 working days.
  3. If, following the email response, further support or information is needed, a telephone conversation with you will be arranged. To ensure that the service remains as useful as possible for you, we will request feedback after any call.

The SENCO Support Service does not provide legal advice.

How much does the SENCO Support Service Cost?

The SENCO Support Service retails for £200 per annum.

Reasonable use policy

As a charity, nasen is committed to being able to help as many people as possible; to do this, a reasonable use policy is applied. This means that, although you pay for access to the Service, nasen reserves the right to limit the amount of time per user. As a guide, the Service can typically provide up to approximately 6 hours of support over the twelve month subscription period. This could include a range of email interactions and calls of up to 30 minutes.