nasen Live 2022 - Exhibitors

Explore the latest products, resources and offers from some of the UK’s leading SEND organisations at nasen Live 2022!
Enjoy exclusive exhibitor discounts and giveaways, available only for our visitors. 

view of a nasen live event exhibition hall
blue text that reads 'ADHD Foundation - the neurodiversity charity' on a white background

ADHD Foundation - Stand 46

ADHD Foundation: The Neurodiversity Charity is the largest user led ADHD agency in Europe, credited with influencing policy and provision in the UK. We collaborate with charities, businesses and education providers, advising Government Department committees and providing consultancy and training for schools, universities, local authority commissioners and clinicians.

BrainChild EBO Logo

BrainChild - Stand 19

EBO for Schools, created by BrainChild Developmental Program, is here to transform the lives of children with neurodiverse conditions.  By addressing underlying factors that inhibit learning, social interaction and influence behaviours, disrupted neurodevelopment is given a second chance.

Ideal for whole classes or groups, including a mix of developmental diagnoses, EBO enhances wellbeing for all. Its specific sensory and physical activities, collaboration and play elements help release children from their limitations. The inspiring, streamed, digital-adventure-game storyline delivers an exciting and playful experience with lasting positive impact on their learning and life.

Century logo [pink text on white background that reads 'CENTURY']

CENTURY - Stand 13

CENTURY is the intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence, learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting pathways for every student and powerful data for teachers. 
The platform works with you to stretch and support learners – instantly addressing gaps in knowledge, misconceptions and providing resources for teacher-led interventions.

Christie and Co Logo

Christie & Co - Stand 6

Established over 85 years ago, Christie & Co is the market leading specialist advisor for buying and selling business across a range of sectors, including childcare & education. We offer unrivalled insight, experience and expertise across professional services including brokerage, consultancy, finance, development, investment, and valuation. 

Dyslexia Gold Logo [blue text that reads 'Dyslexia' and yellow text that reads 'gold']

Dyslexia Gold - Stand 35

Dyslexia Gold goes Beyond Phonics to address underlying problems.

We address vision problems like convergence insufficiency and poor tracking as well as auditory problems, like the phonological deficit to build all the skills needed to read.

Equals logo [white background with purple and green alternating text that says 'EQUALS' alongside a link to their website ']

Equals - Stand 22

EQUALS have now been offering its services to schools for more than since 1994. In this time it has built up a strong record in supporting teachers to apply the principles of government guidelines to curriculum development for pupils with learning difficulties. Members of the EQUALS Executive have been involved in a number of projects seeking to influence the development of new national initiatives.

five min box logo [Blue box with yellow outline with the words 'the five minute box' in yellow. The letter O in box is a carton yellow clock]

Five Minute Box - Stand 32

Thousands of schools worldwide use Five Minute Box interventions for English and Maths. The proven multisensory resources and activities boost confidence in fundamental skills, while identifying potential learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Working in short bursts, they are cost-effective and easy to use, require no preparation, and track progress,. Virtual training is available.

hays education logo [white background with dark blue text that reads 'HAYS Recruiting experts in education']

Hays Education - Stand 5

Hays Education has a team of over 200 specialist consultants working from 32 offices with more than 4,000 schools, nurseries and trusts. For those looking for their next position in education, our expert consultants offer a dedicated service to teaching, support and leadership staff. We are also proud to offer ‘Hays Hub’ which integrates CPD and online training to more than 6,000 schools and 250,000 school staff. A completely free portal of Wellbeing and core training plus a complimentary Learning Management System to store and create staff training. 

Hamish and Milo logo [a cartoon image of a cat and small boy in a blue circle]

Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention - Stand 14

Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention - an innovative, comprehensive emotional literacy program to support the wellbeing and mental health of primary-aged children. The complete package includes; the tools, guidance, and explicit resources for ELSA’s, Mental Health Leads and SENCOs to provide nurture intervention sessions so children are happier, heard and connected.

ICS Support Services Logo [black text that reads 'ICS' alongside blue text that reads 'support services']

ICS - Stand 10

ICS Funding Services is a division of ICS Support Services Ltd and provides expert bid writing services to obtain grants. It also offers clients access to a range of professional support services within the Education and Community Sectors throughout England. These services include Construction Trades, Chartered Surveyors, Architects, Financial Management Services, Supply Teachers, Payroll and Asset Management. Our Education Sector clients include IRO 350 Schools, Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts, Special Schools, 6th Form Colleges, Nurseries and PTA’s. The ESFA Condition Improvement Fund is a particular specialism, based on a very successful track record.

IDLS Group Ltd (blue background with the letters IDL in white)

IDLS Group Ltd - Stand 30

IDLS Group Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned awarding organisation and not for profit education charity, Ascentis.

IDLS Group has a range of software programmes including IDL Literacy and IDL Numeracy – designed to help pupils struggling with reading, spelling and Maths at both primary and secondary level, particularly those with dyslexic/dyscalculic traits.

Last year, IDL were proud winners of NASEN’s Innovation Award for Technology and the number of schools using our programmes continues to grow year on year.

I Want A Standing Desk - Stand 17

I Want A Standing Desk Ltd are the company behind the totally unique EIGER Student classroom standing desk. Over 400 UK Primary schools use them every day significantly helping neurodiverse children by giving them an option to stand and learn. Come and discuss a totally free trial at your school.

Mighty Writer exhibitor logo [black text that reads 'mighty writer' and '' alongside a cartoon image of a boy holding up a pencil]

Mighty Writer - Stand 24

Winner of the Education Resources Awards for Best Primary Resource , Teach Primary Awards 2020  for Best Literacy Resource and now finalist at BETT. It is gaining a reputation as the world’s best primary resource for literacy.

Mighty Writer is a unique physical resource that transforms children’s literacy almost overnight, guaranteed! It is designed for every class of EYFS, KS1 and for intervention in KS2. All training is FREE and UNLIMITED! In 20 years’ time, when your children’s transformed literacy has enabled a more fulfilling life, they will thank you for using Mighty Writer.

NAHT logo [dark blue letters NAHT]

NAHT and NAHT Edge - Stand 42

NAHT is a union and professional association in education and represents all leaders. We are solution driven and add value to help support your role. Benefits of membership include: 

  • Education management and employment advice;
  • Legal support and protection;
  • Negotiations on pay, conditions and pensions;
  • Influencing educational policy making across all phases;
  • CPD and tailored training;
  •  Publications, guidance documents and useful website.
cartoon image of a sheep with a green face with white text and a green outline that reads Nessy

Nessy - Stand 2

Nessy is an online learning platform for reading, writing, typing and assessment. The Nessy approach uses unique videos to teach learning strategies, then motivates practice with games. Algorithms guide individuals onto the most effective path to success. Student activity is reported to the teacher so they can easily monitor progress.

national education union logo [black text that reads 'national education union']

NEU - Stand 28

The National Education Union is committed to making the education sector a great place to work and a great place to learn. With 460,000 members we represent the majority of teachers and education professionals in the UK. NEU is one of the strongest and fastest growing education unions in the UK working to achieve change, both in working conditions and in education. Our members are at the heart of the union movement shaping the future of education for the benefit of teachers, support staff, leaders and pupils.

Picture news logo [green text that reads 'picture news' alongside cartoon image of a green apple wearing reading glasses]

Picture News - Stand 16

Teach young people current affairs through Picture News
We produce a pack full of teaching resources, which can be emailed, accessed on our website or sent to you in a colourful tube – every week!
Our resources are designed to provide fully inclusive opportunities for children to learn from our world and develop respect for other’s beliefs, feelings and faiths. They encourage exploration, discussion, challenge and inspire children to learn!

RNIB Logo [Black lettering that spells out R N I B underlined in pink with the phrase in black lettering that reads 'see differently' underneath]

RNIB - Stand 27

Are you working with learners with vision impairment or complex needs from birth to 25 years old? RNIB is here to help.

We offer:

  • Specialist advice and guidance
  • Resources, training and events available for professionals
  • Products, toys and games that promote independence
  • Books, magazines and curriculum materials for leisure and educational purposes.
My Rockerbox News logo

Rockerbox News - Stand 3

Rockerbox News is a powerful literacy improvement tool designed to accelerate learning outcomes in a personalised and empowering way. Offering diverse content, curriculum-complementing resources, and Listen Alouds for aural learning, Rockerbox News is a dynamic eco-system in which learning is seamlessly triangulated between learner, educator, and parent.

SEN Books logo [yellow text that reads 'SEN Books' on a green background]

SEN Books - Stand 4

UK’s dedicated SEN Bookshop supplying a range of CPD books & curriculum materials from Egon Publishers; Hilda King Educational and more. All the Speaker books at Conference prices. There will be over 200 books to see, inspect and buy. Look out for the DANS – Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills test. Plus Can We Do That Again? a series of teaching ideas and activities for supporting dyslexic students.

orange text that reads 'SEND' on top of dark grey text that reads 'Resources'

SEND Resources - Stand 1

Send resources was founded in 2020 as a way of delivering additional support to those working in the classroom and at home with students with special education needs and disability. driving education standards and enabling everyone to achieve through products and services that can work with teachers, schools and parents.

smile education logo

Smile Education - Stand 36

We are an award-winning education recruitment agency, who have supported mainstream and SEN schools with their staffing for over 12 years.

Our dedicated SEN team can assist you with all aspects of your recruitment; whilst also providing you with a range of additional benefits such as Team Teach training.

TeachAbout Logo [purple text that reads Teach About alongisde a blue and pink butterfly outline]

TeachAbout - Stand 23

Implementation without overwhelm is at the core of TeachAbout. With a focus on high quality teaching, I provide a range of online courses, resources, memberships and offer bespoke coaching and supervision services. My mission is to provide you with clear, effective, and time-saving products which enable you to meet the professional standards of your role and still maintain a sense of well-being.

Doncaster College University Centre Logo

University Campus Doncaster - Stand 25

The University Campus Doncaster offers a range of Higher Education programmes in SEND from levels 4 to 7 which are available both online and on campus. They equip you with the underpinning knowledge and theory to be a specialist practitioner and are at the forefront of practice.