APPG report on Dyslexia is published

News - 25 October 2019

APPG reports are not official publications and are not approved by the House of Commons or the House of Lords, as APPGs are informal groups of members of both houses with a common interest. The BDA conducted the research for this report and are the secretariat of the APPG.

The Educational Cost of Dyslexia states that 'our education system is often hindering rather than helping' children and young people with dyslexia, and outlines why we need to change our current approach. It also offers some suggestions as to how this could be done, in order to identify dyslexia early, support it well, and save money both directly and through wider benefits to the economy.

Suggestions for improvement include:

  • removal of the spelling, punctuation and grammar marks from tests other than English Language GCSE
  • allow young people with dyslexia to use laptops/tablets in all classes and all exams, including English Language GCSE
  • have a specialist dyslexia teacher assessor in every school
  • training on dyslexia during ITT and as part of CPD, particularly for NQTs

The report estimates that the current cost to the UK of dyslexia is £1 billion per year, and that the cost of these measures would be less than this, saving the economy money as well as improving educational experiences for thousands of children and young people.