Emerging Minds Research

News - 9 June 2020

Emerging Minds, a research network that aims to reduce the prevalence of mental health problems experienced by children and young people,  are conducting a variety of research on how families are coping during COVID -19, pandemic, what is helping them, and what they need.

The Co-SPACE project is tracking the mental health of school-aged children and young people aged 4-16 years throughout the COVID-19 crisis and their key findings to date include:

  • Parents of children with special educational needs and/or neurodevelopmental disorder (SEN/ND) are particularly uncomfortable about their children attending school
  • Particular concerns for parents of children with SEN/ND are that their child will not get the emotional, behavioural and educational support that they need, or the support they need with transitions to different groups/classes
  • Parents/carers of children with SEN/ND or a pre-existing mental health difficulty report that their children are not comfortable about attending school.
  • parents/carers of children with SEN/ND rated that their children were very concerned about things being different and uncertain, changes to routine, the enjoyable parts of school not happening and being away from home

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