International education provider, Nisai Group joins forces with NOCN Group

News - 14 February 2020


International education provider, Nisai Group, has signed a strategic partnership with NOCN Group to establish a separate NOCN international approved centre, facilitated by Nisai and making use of local knowledge and expertise. This represents a significant investment in overseas operations and provides a vehicle to promote NOCN qualifications whilst ensuring the same high levels of quality assurance are achieved through verification and assessment. Also, which will register all learners, apprentices and students into NOCN’s systems.

Nisai and NOCN have agreed to work together, initially in Asia, to promote joint packages of Nisai delivery and training of NOCN accredited and endorsed programmes. They will have a strong focus on English and will contextualise this for different countries and sectors. Over time, the arrangement will include other curriculum areas, including TVET, tutor, assessor and employer mentor training. To support this, Nisai will establish a separate international operation centred in the UK with satellite centres located in strategic hotspots.

This new venture provides an opportunity for Nisai to increase their breadth of offer whilst providing an increased route to market for NOCN qualifications. The agreement will also bring the guarantee of NOCN’s quality assurance, delivery and compliance staff for Asia whilst offering exclusivity to the countries of Vietnam, Brunei and the wider ASEAN region.

This partnership also fulfils the needs of the local labour market by upskilling the workforce and equipping learners for their career ahead. Subsequently, this will improve local unemployment figures and promote economic growth with Asia and beyond.

With just 10 years left to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, the ASEAN region is gearing up to meet ‘education 4.0’ – part of the Industrial Revolution. The partnership between NOCN and Nisai will help bridge the skills gap within the ASEAN region in readiness to achieve global sustainability.

Dhruv Patel, CEO of Nisai Group, commented: “NOCN’s accreditation and quality assurance along with our breadth of offer within education is the perfect match. In line with our #Nisai2030 campaign, this partnership brings us one step closer to influencing global sustainability through education – providing quality education leading to scalable economic growth.”

Graham Hasting-Evans, Group MD of NOCN, said: “We have successfully worked with Nisai for many years in the UK, and we are delighted to be starting on a strategic partnership to take our combined offer to the ASEAN region, focusing initially on English and Technical Skills.”