Mime, an organisation that delves into education data, has published an 'Inclusion Index'

News - 18 November 2019

The index enables you to find out where your Local Authority ranks in their tables.

Mime has created this 'inclusion index' by combining a range of public data sources including:

  • exclusion rates
  • the proportion of children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • the school placement of children and young people with an EHCP
  • the attainment and progress scores of pupils with EHCPs, and those not in education, employment and training

For an area to have a high score, it would have a high percentage of pupils with SEND supported in mainstream education. Pupils with SEND would have fewer exclusions, plus good attainment and progress. This analysis indicates that London LAs tend to have high scores across the index; Yorkshire and Humber have high scores for assessment whereas East of England LAs are the highest scoring for placement of pupils with EHCPs.

There is a thorough explanation for how the tables were compiled; it does appear that the data is only concerned with children and young people with EHCPs and does not include those on SEN Supoprt, so bear this in mind when you read it. The index certainly provides food for thought and it might be useful for LAs to consider where they sit relative to others.