nasen funded research highlights Ofsted are overlooking SEND pupils

News - 17 January 2020

Recently, nasen funded a piece of research carried out by the Driver Youth Trust to investigate whether Ofsted's new inspection framework suitably supports learners with SEND. 

The results of the research carried out were surprising and points to the omission of SEND pupils within the Ofsted new inspection framework, for example 'Sixteen reports do not mention SEND at all. In these reports – one Outstanding, two Requires Improvement (RI), and 13 Good – no comment is made about SEND provision. Ofsted should ensure that provision for these pupils are being addressed consistently well across all reports'.

The director of the Driver Youth Trust said its concerning that in more than a dozen of the new reports produced there is no information for parents or school leaders about how a school is providing for children with SEND.

Read the full results of the research into Ofsted.