The national funding formula for schools and high needs 2021-22 is published

News - 23 July 2020

The government is increasing core school funding again for 2021-22, and states that this includes ‘significant additional funding for children with special educational needs and disabilities’.

School funding through the national funding formula (NFF) is increasing by 4% in 2021-22; the minimum per-pupil funding level in primary schools will be at least £4000 and in secondary schools, at least £5,510.

High needs funding is increasing by a further £730million, or 10%, bringing the total high needs budget to over £8billion. This means that every local authority receives an increase of at least 8% per head of population, with some receiving up to 12% more. The funding guidance notes that the cross-departmental SEND Review is continuing and will look at what further improvements are necessary to ensure it supports children and young people with SEND as effectively as possible. The ‘notional’ SEN budget of £6000 per pupil, which a school must provide for pupils with SEN before applying for additional (high needs) funding, is being also reviewed as part of the SEND Review; as yet, there is no indication as to whether this will change.

Read the full report. The high needs operational guide is to be published in September.