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  • Brain Development and School

    Routledge - 16 July 2019

    Brain Development and School offers a range of practical classroom strategies to help pupils develop their executive function. Packed with useful tips that are grounded in theory, it examines how to support aspects of children’s executive functioning that can affect their school life; including self-control, memory, metacognition, organisation, motivation, self-regulation and focus.

  • How to be a Brilliant SENCO

    Routledge - 04 June 2019

    Helen Curran’s invaluable book aims to support new and experienced SENCOs with the task of developing and leading special educational needs provision and inclusive practice, through the exploration of practical strategies and approaches.

  • Essential Tips for the Inclusive Secondary Classroom

    Routledge - 21 November 2018

    This go-to resource provides practitioners with quick, easy and cost-effective ways of improving inclusive practices in educational settings.

  • Time to Talk

    Routledge - 12 June 2018

    Time to Talk provides a powerful and accessible resource for practitioners working to improve children’s language and communication skills. Showcasing effective approaches in schools and settings across the country from the early years through primary and secondary education, it summarises research on what helps children and young people develop good communication skills, and highlights the importance of key factors: a place to talk, a reason to talk and support for talk.

  • Supporting Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Routledge - 19 December 2017

    Completely revised and fully updated in light of the 2014 SEND Code of Practice, this edition familiarises readers with the specific learning needs of cerebral palsy. Offering practical tips and tried-and-tested strategies from professional practitioners, this accessible guide provides advice on how to meet the needs of young people with cerebral palsy.