Invitation to Tender

News - 07 July 2020

INVITATION TO TENDER (ITT) to conduct an external review of the Whole School SEND (WSS) activity undertaken in 2020/21 (and of activity prior to 20/21 where appropriate).

The review will need to focus on methods of engagement with the schools’ workforce and the resources and training delivered through the contract to assess progress against the four contractual aims and identify areas for improvement.

The effectiveness of the methods used to engage the schools’ workforce and their usage of the resources and training delivered through the contract should be reviewed to inform this assessment and areas for improvement in terms of operational working and for the wider sector should be identified. This builds on previous similar evaluation activity (Driver Youth Trust Evaluation 2019/20) to understand and inform effective practices for the sector.

This should provide DfE with an external view on the successes and areas for development of the WSS programme’s use of methods of engagement and development and usage of resources / training for the schools workforce.

The end product will be concise and accessible to support future planning and policy refinement.

The precise nature of the outputs will be confirmed at contract award. A DfE Research colleague and DfE contract management colleague will be involved in the tender sift.

The value of this strand of the contract is up to a maximum of £35,000 exclusive of VAT.

The closing date for tenders to be received is 7th August 2020 at 10am. Tenders should be emailed to nasen will acknowledge the receipt of your tender by email. The contracts will be awarded 14th August 2020.

Key personnel for this tender are:

Director – Whole School SEND: Anne Heavey

Chair – Whole School SEND: Dr Adam Boddison

Head of Programmes – Whole School SEND: Harriet Hannan

If you have any questions about this project then please address these to by 24th July 2020. Answers to all questions submitted at this point will be shared with all those who register interest with Harriet Hannan by 24th July 2020 on 28th July 2020. 

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