National Network of Special Schools launches for School Business Professionals

News - 28 July 2020

This new national network will facilitate good and best practice. It will lead, drive, and deliver behaviour change in schools’ buying practices, and be linked with wider regional and national networks. It will engage with decision and policy makers, and think tanks, and work to create efficiencies across the sector.

NNoSS is an inclusive network which will provide SBPs (School Business Professionals) with the tools to self-improve, support colleagues and be supported in their roles.

In order to achieve these aims a network of Advocates will be established, SBPs across the country and from each area, who will drive the programme through collaboration, sharing of best practice and creating a positive and inclusive narrative.

The Advocates will form and develop the network raising the profile of Special School SBPs and provide a voice for the sector.

‘This network is needed now more than ever. I am certain where SBMs are able to work collaboratively across the network, this can only improve support for children with SEND and reduce the pressures on the SEND system’ David Murphy, Finance Business Manager, Specialist SEN College.

NNoSS Flyer.pdf



Twitter: @nnoss_SBP