Early Years Transition Webcasts

Funded by the DfE, nasen have now released three new webcasts and supporting documents for Early Years practitioners, SENCOs, teachers, teaching assistants and parents. These resources will support with the transition for all children, particularly those with SEND who are moving from nursery to Reception and Reception to Year One.

The webcasts also focus on how COVID-19 may have impacted the transition for children in these groups, and provides approcahes that practitioners can take to support them. 

Practitioners that view these webcasts and supporting documents will be asked to complete a short evaluation so that we can ensure our content is effective and relevant, once this survey is completed you will be able to download a certificate for your records. 

To download your certificate please make sure you complete our short evaluation:



Webcast 1 


This webcast will focus on the key principles of effective transition, the possible effects of lockdown on young children and approaches practitioners can use to overcome them, the importance of developing strong relationships with parents and carers and the most useful information to be passed on or received to meet the needs of children with SEND.

Supporting document: 

Supporting Document: The potential effects of lockdown on young children with SEND


Webcast 2


This webcast will focus on the importance of building trusting relationships with children in transition, settling children with SEND into the school or setting after lockdown and the need for a child-centred approach.

Supporting document: 

Supporting document: The importance of a child-centred approach



Webcast 3 




This webcast will focus on a meeting with the SENCO and the difference between children’s short term needs (not necessarily SEND) and long term needs (more likely to be identified as SEND).


Supporting document: 

Supporting document: Discussing individual needs with the SENCO