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DfE call out for video blogs

23 Feb 2021|14:12

The Department for Education are putting out an open call to schools and colleges across the country asking them to send in video blogs that can be amplified on DfE social media channels, and are particularly after participation from settings with a SEND background. 

The purpose of this activity is to highlight all of the great work that is being undertaken by school staff throughout the nation to protect the safety and wellbeing of their pupils with a vulnerable background, specifically those who are learning on-site, and how they envision these processes expanding once schools re-open fully.

They are aiming to build up a bank of stories and experiences from schools and colleges in different phases, parts of the country and specialisms that might be helpful for other teachers and school leaders to draw on for inspiration, as well as helping to reassure parents, carers and other relevant audiences that school/ college is a safe place for those attending on-site. 

You can find many examples of recent video blogs on the DfE twitter page, and a specific strong example of the type content they are hoping to receive here.

DfE would like the speaker in the video to discuss any particular initiatives/ safety measures happening in their school or college that have proved successful, specifically mentioning one or a combination of the below:

  • Testing
  • Mask wearing
  • Additional cleaning
  • Communication with students / how they manage the changes from an SEN perspective
  • Mental health support

All videos should include a line or two addressing how all the good work will be built upon during the re-opening of schools on 8th March.

The requirements for video blogs are:

  • A video no more than 90 seconds long, those filmed on mobile phones usually work well.  
  • The speaker should be filmed standing up in a relevant/ on-site space (classrooms or corridors are usually the best bet!).
  • Additional photos to bring the speaker’s points to life, which will be edited into the video by the DfE Social Media team. As DfE doesn’t identify children on social media without parental permission, preferences for supporting photos are:
    • Taken at the back of an ongoing class/ activity, with pupils facing the front
    • Taken of any situations where COVID-19 protocols are taking place, i.e. testing, mask wearing, cleaning (whilst avoiding clearly showing pupils faces).
    • Any colourful images that would work well/ are relevant to the talking points.

How do I take part

If you would like to submit a video blog or have any additional questions, please forward directly to Emma.Whittingham@education.gov.uk