Support for Local Authorities

nasen works alongside local authorities to improve provision, practice and outcomes for SEND. Together we can and do make a difference for children and young people by supporting the education workforce.

Talk to nasen today about how we can work with you to support your schools and settings with SEND.

We provide training as well as ‘on the ground’ support and reviews for SEND.

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Our support

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SEND Reviews

Work with nasen to understand the strengths and areas for development in SEND provision across your schools and/or EY settings. Commission us to organise and deliver a programme of SEND reviews, from which we can identify common support and training needs.
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Early Years

Our training and support for the Early Years (EY) have been developed in response to the challenges that local authority teams and settings have identified. Work with nasen to support EY settings to deliver excellent provision for children with SEND.

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Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP)

Improve your understanding of the Education, Health and Care plan process. nasen has a suite of training which covers all aspects of Education, Health and Care plans. Our sessions will support practitioners from Education, Health and Social Care to ensure that medium and long-term outcomes are relevant, meaningful and effective.

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Supporting Governors

The governance of SEND is a crucial role. Not only can effective governance ensure that children and young people with SEND are well supported within schools, but it can also drive wider improvements that impact across the whole setting. nasen’s training supports governors on their journey towards more accountable, effective and ethical SEND governance.