We are delighted to have a range of supportive and innovative sponsors for the nasen awards 2021. If you’d like to sponsor one of our categories this year, please fill out the contact form below.

photograph of 5 people holding nasen awards taken at the nasen awards 2019 ceremony
Nursery World logo

The nasen Award for Early Years Provision

Sponsored by: Nursery World

Nursery World is the UK's leading magazine and website for practitioners and decision-makers across the early years education and childcare sectors.


The nasen Award for Secondary Provision

Sponsored by: Seeds Of Change

We are passionate about helping individuals and organisations adapt, grow and achieve potential.  With over 20 years’ experience working with young people in careers, SEND and holistic guidance, we develop Interactive resources, training solutions and personal development programmes to support professionals working with young people.  Our recent ‘Aspire programme’ offers a professional’s toolkit of engaging training and resources that adds value to transition, pastoral, SEND and careers services. 

GL Assessment Logo

The nasen Award for Primary Provision (can include all through schools)

Sponsored by: GL Assessment

GL Assessment is the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools. They also provide assessments for overseas ministries and British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide.

brain in hand logo

The nasen Award for 16-25 Provision

Sponsored by: Brain in Hand

The 16 - 25 Provision Award recognises a setting that has effectively promoted inclusion by providing exceptional provision and practice that goes above and beyond.

Brain in Hand motivates SEN students to grow in independence and confidence. Combining simple digital tools and practical human support, it creates a fully personalised system built for unique needs.

Specialist Provision of the Year Award

Sponsored by: IDL

IDLS Group Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned awarding organisation and not for profit education charity, Ascentis. IDLS Group have a range of software programmes including IDL Literacy, IDL Numeracy and a Dyscalculia Screener – all designed to help pupils struggling with reading, spelling and Maths at both primary and secondary level.  All were specifically developed with dyslexic/dyscalculic pupils in mind.  

IDL has gone from strength to strength in recent years - more than 3 000 schools currently use  our programmes in the UK and overseas.

Seashell Trust logo

The nasen Award for Co-Production With Children and Young People and Their Families

Sponsored by: Seashell Trust 

Seashell is dedicated to providing a creative, happy and secure environment for children and young people with complex learning disabilities and additional communication needs.

Young Person/Youth (up to 25 Years) Achievement Award

Sponsored by: Neurodiversity Networks CIC 

Championing all things neurodiverse and those with special educational needs and disabilities, with a passion for young people and their right to thrive we believe in promoting positive outcomes and helping young people to reach their full potential. We are proud to be sponsoring The Young Person Achievement Award 2021.

NEU logo

SEND Leader of the Year Award

Sponsored by: NEU

The National Education Union is committed to making the education sector a great place to work and a great place to learn. With 450,000 members we represent the majority of teachers and education professionals in the UK. NEU is one of the strongest and fastest growing education unions in the UK working to achieve change, both in working conditions and in education. Our members are at the heart of the union movement shaping the future of education for the benefit of teachers, support staff, leaders and pupils.

Axcis Education logo

Learning Support Staff Member of the Year

Sponsored by: Axcis Education

Axcis is the leading supplier of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) staff in England and Wales. They recruit special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) staff for mainstream schools and alternative provision.

Equazen logo

nasen Teacher of the Year Award

Sponsored by: Equazen

Equazen are essential fatty acid specialists with a range of products to support brain development and function. Backed by clinical studies, Equazen’s supplements are a synergistic and precise blend of omega-3 EPA and DHA from fish oil and omega-6 GLA from Primrose oil.

Scanning Pens logo

The Innovation Award for Technology

Sponsored by: Scanning Pens

The Innovation Award for Technology recognises an organisation or education setting that effectively demonstrates how technology has been used to promote inclusion for children and young people with SEND.

Maths for Life logo [white background with green text that reads 'maths for life']

The David Ryan Publication Award 2021

Sponsored by: Maths For Life 

Maths For Life offers an evolving, accessible, differentiated maths learning programme for school and home. Starting with prenumber skills, Maths For Life lays solid foundations. With age neutral, engaging, life-based content, it prioritises and delivers the maths skills needed for life.

ICEP Europe Logo [blue text that reads ICEP europe]

The International Provision of the Year Award

Sponsored by: Institute of Child Education & Psychology (ICEP) Europe

Focusing on developing the knowledge, skills and competencies required for educators in the 21st century, the Institute of Child Education & Psychology (ICEP) Europe provides high quality flexible professional development in the areas of inclusive education and wellbeing. Our courses are at the leading edge of education practice. The online courses are suitable for teachers, parents and allied professionals who work with children and young people.

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School's Week - our media partner for the nasen Awards

Launched in September 2014, Schools Week is a weekly digital publication and a primary source of news for thousands of professionals working across the schools and education sector in England. With a focus on breaking news, Schools Week provides in-depth, investigative education journalism, determined to get past the bluster and explain the facts.
Every week, the digital newspaper is read by school head teachers, multi-academy trust executives, governors, teachers, schools business managers and other key figures from the sector. Over the last 18 months, we have seen a significant growth in our online audience, with the editorial website now receiving an average of 1.26 million monthly page views (up from 550,000 in 2019).

For more information on Schools Week, subscriptions and advertising opportunities, please visit their website using the link below, or their twitter page @schoolsweek

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