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nasen Book Series

Written by leading experts and covering a wide range of important issues relating to SEN, the books, which are published by Routledge include accessible explanations and examples of best practice, as well as tools and techniques that you can use to improve provision in school. Several new books are published each year to reflect your changing professional needs.

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Our latest titles

Cultural Inclusion for Young People with SEND

This practical book offers a multifaceted view of cultural inclusion from the perspective of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

It provides a road map for teachers to ensure increased participation in arts and culture for children and young people with SEND, defining a series of characteristics for good practice. Chapters explore spaces as diverse as galleries, museums, theatres and performance venues and include a variety of case studies, highlighting the experiences of young people and the organisations who partner with schools.

Cultural Inclusion for Young People with SEND offers a compelling call to action and is an essential resource for those who have the power to improve and support the development of future provision for children with SEND.

nasen spotlight book series front cover. Text reads 'cultural inclusion for young people with SEND'

True Partnerships in SEND

True partnerships book - Drawing from first-hand discussions and interviews, this essential guide offers an in-depth, realistic overview of bringing up a child with complex and specific needs to enhance current practice and collaborative work with parents.

This book supports the development of effective child-centred planning and family-centred approaches, by using the expert voices and lived experiences of parents to inform critical discussion and build the skills of professionals. Chapters provide strategies, guidance and suggestions to strengthen effective partnership work with parents, children and young people. Scenarios, key takeaways and questions for discussion are also woven throughout, offering a greater understanding of the barriers faced by parents of children with SEND and encouraging the reader to consider how they can more effectively co-produce with families.

True Partnerships in SEND uses the voice of the parent and their lived experiences as the basis for narrative, research and discussion and includes wider concepts that can inform positive parent-professional interactions globally. It will be essential reading for SENCOs, teachers and other education professionals working with children with SEND and their families.

nasen spotlight book series front cover. Text reads 'True Partnerships in SEND. Working together to give children, families and professionals a voice'

The SENCO Survival Guide, Third Edition

The SENCO Survival Guide, Third Edition is an informative, accessible resource containing practical advice to help SENCOs manage their responsibilities and lead their school effectively towards a common goal.

The book sets out a whole school approach to inclusion and supports SENCOs in mainstream or special schools at every key stage.

This resource gives SENCOs the confidence, skills and knowledge to promote maximum achievement for learners with SEND and will help them develop and shape their schools’ policies and practices. It will also be of use to other members of staff looking for practical strategies to raise the attainment of pupils with SEN and disabilities.

nasen spotlight book series front cover. Text reads 'The SENCO Survival Guide. The nuts and bolts of everything you need to know'

Teaching Reading to All Learners Including Those with Complex Needs

Learning to read and having access to a rich reading curriculum has a huge impact upon us both emotionally and academically. So how can we ensure that it is seen as an entitlement of all learners, including those defined as having profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and the most complex needs?

This accessible book provides professionals with the knowledge and confidence to develop reading for all learners. It integrates the latest ideas and research into a practical framework to create an inclusive reading curriculum and support learners across the whole education spectrum, including those with the most complex needs. Each chapter includes a mixture of research, strategies, and case study examples, demonstrating how reading supports both wellbeing and access to learning and - with stories - provides a versatile vehicle to build on vocabulary and expand our ability to think and learn about our place in the world.

Teaching Reading to All Learners Including Those with Complex Needs is essential reading for both new and experienced teachers and special educational needs and disabilities coordinators (SENDCo)s looking to develop an inclusive reading curriculum and culture which will positively impact on the outcomes of all young people.

nasen spotlight book series front cover. Text reads 'Teaching Reading to All Learners including those with Complex Needs'