nasen Book Series

Written by leading experts and covering a wide range of important issues relating to SEN, the books, which are published by Routledge include accessible explanations and examples of best practice, as well as tools and techniques that you can use to improve provision in school. Several new books are published each year to reflect your changing professional needs.

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The Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion Schools that Work for All Learners

The Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion supports governors and trustees in developing effective strategic practice to ensure an inclusive culture in their schools. Building on the six principles of effective governance, it provides useful tips on achieving the right balance of support and challenge so that schools are enabled to meet the needs of learners with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities).

SEND and Inclusion Routledge Handbook cover

The School Handbook for Dual and Multiple Exceptionality High Learning Potential with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

The School Handbook for Dual and Multiple Exceptionality (DME) offers a range of practical strategies to support SENCOs, GATCOs, school leaders and governors in developing effective provision for children that have both High Learning Potential and Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. Building on the principles of child-centred provision and coproduction, it provides useful tips on developing the school workforce to better identify and meet the needs of learners with DME.

DME Routledge Handbook cover

Creating Multi-sensory Environments Practical Ideas for Teaching and Learning

The revised edition of this highly practical guide to creating and using multi-sensory environments is packed full of ideas for low-cost, easy-to-assemble multi-sensory environments suitable for children of varying ages and abilities. Each creative learning environment is designed to be constructed in a classroom or school hall, encouraging creative thinking and learning, and the development of social and emotional skills. Each environment idea is accompanied by suggestions for use for children with special educational needs.

Multi-sensory Environments Routledge Handbook cover