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nasen awards 2021 holding image

Submitting a nomination

Nominations open on 10th May!

In 2020, we received a record number of nominations from across the globe and crowned 13 individuals and organisations winners of a nasen award. Join us in celebrating and submit a nomination from Monday 10th May.

Upon entry there are some common features of practice which we would expect to see evidenced across all 13 categories. These features are:

  • Inclusive leadership and governance which would be visible at every tier in an organisation
  • A collaborative approach to working
  • Productive engagement with the full community of the organisation innovation
  • A commitment to sharing effective practice beyond own organisation
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nasen Award Categories

There are thirteen different categories designed to celebrate achievements within school/organisation settings as well as reward individuals who are all going that extra mile to support children and young people with SEND.

photograph of 5 people holding nasen awards taken at the nasen awards 2019 ceremony

nasen Awards Sponsor’s

There are a range of sponsorship options available for the nasen Awards. By Sponsoring the event your brand will be positioned alongside leading SEND professionals.

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Judging Panel

We have nine carefully selected judges on the panel who all have a wealth of experience working across the educational industry.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the awards ceremony, please do get in touch