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nasen Quality Framework

With a mission to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in education, nasen’s Quality Framework program allows products and services to undergo a review by qualified education specialists. Upon review, the nasen team will provide expert advice to optimise the accessibility of the product or service, supporting you to meet the diverse needs of individuals with special educational needs.

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Be Assured By Your Accessibility

The reviewed product or service may be granted nasen Assured status.  This will provide a logo, valid for two-years, exposure on the nasen website and Connect magazine, a 20% discount on advertising, and special recognition in event brochures for nasen Live and Awards. This is subject to review and is not a guarantee.

Qualified products and services

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nasen is delighted to announce the first recipient of 'nasen Assured' status, as part of the new nasen Quality Framework process, aimed at enhancing accessibility in products and services for individuals with special educational needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aligned with our mission to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility across society, the nasen Quality Framework is our enhanced consultancy, reviewing the inclusivity of your product, resource or service and supporting you to meet the needs of a wide range of users.  

Our specialist team will review your product, resource or service against our Quality Framework criteria of inclusivity. We will then provide a report and verbal feedback, highlighting strengths and working in partnership with you to offer advice and recommendations to optimise inclusivity. 

Our Quality Framework is regularly reviewed and updated as policy and practice develops.

Products, resources or services which demonstrate particularly high standards of inclusivity, may be awarded ‘nasen Assured’ status, free of charge, as part of the Quality Framework process.  This allows the use of our ‘nasen Assured’ logo, valid for a period of two years.

In addition, products, resources or services awarded ‘nasen Assured’ status will be included on the nasen website. They will also receive exposure in nasen Connect magazine, and in the brochures of nasen’s flagship events, nasen Live and the nasen Awards. They will also receive a 20% discount on advertising with us. 

For other products, resources or services committed to working towards the Quality Framework, we will provide a digital logo confirming that you are ‘Working with nasen to develop inclusivity and accessibility.’

Our team will review your product, resource or service against the following criteria:

  • Product/resource brief:
    • Is there a clear rationale, and is this underpinned by an evidence-informed approach? Are users and/or other specialists and stakeholders involved in development?
  • Content:  
    • How well does the product or service suit the intended audience? Are there positive messages throughout? Is content, spelling, punctuation and grammar accurate? Is it based on sound pedagogical principles (for teaching resources).
  • Format and Design:  
    • Is the product or service intuitive and easy to use? Are there scaffolds provided, including visual and auditory supports? Is presentation and design accessible and adaptable, so that users can customise their experience? Has cognitive load been considered, with information chunked and presented appropriately?
  • Language:  
    • Is the language used clear, positive, person-centred and inclusive?
  • Representation:  
    • Is inclusive representation evident, for all intersectionalities of society?
  • User guidance:  
    • Is this clear, concise, presented in a range of ways and mindful of workload and cognitive load?

 (Please note this list is not exhaustive). 

We will provide a report, detailing strengths and recommendations against each of these areas, with some examples where appropriate. Recommendations will be split into ‘priority recommendations’ (which would be required for nasen Assured status), as well as other recommendations to further support inclusivity going forward.

nasen Assured status is not guaranteed as part of the Quality Framework process. It will be offered, free of charge, to those resources, products or services demonstrating high standards of inclusivity.  

The Quality Framework process includes enhanced consultancy provided by our team of specialists. We will work with you to highlight next steps to develop the inclusivity of your product, resource or service, supporting your journey towards ‘nasen Assured’ status. We are here to help you to improve accessibility and be of benefit to the widest possible audience.

‘nasen Assured’ status is initially valid for a period of 2 years.

If granted, you would be contacted approximately 2 to 3 months before the expiry. At this stage, we would need to re-review the product, resource or service against our most up-to-date Quality Framework. A renewal fee would be due for this process – the cost of this would depend upon the size of resource, any changes made and the scope of work required. This would be less than the initial Quality Framework consultancy cost, unless significant changes had been made, requiring a complete re-review.

Cost will depend on the nature and size of your product/resource/service and the scope of the work required. This will be discussed with you when you make your enquiry. We will then provide a costing, to allow you to decide whether to go ahead.

Full payment will be required before work is undertaken.

We will aim to review your product, resource or service within 6 weeks of project initiation.  During our initial meeting, we will develop a bespoke delivery plan with you to confirm timelines. 

Please find further information about the process below:

nasen Quality Framework Timeline flowchart

Please email

It is useful if your email can include:

  • Name of resource, product or service
  • Name of any parent organisation
  • Type of product, resource or service
  • A brief description  
  • Website and/or social media links (where appropriate) 
  • Your contact details

Contact us

For more information about the nasen Quality Framework and how to participate in the program, please contact our Education team today.