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Our Work

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Whole School SEND (WSS)

Whole School SEND is a consortium of charities, schools and organisations. We are committed to helping children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) or learning differences reach their full potential.

Hosted by nasen, Whole School SEND lead the Universal SEND Services with our strategic partners Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and the Autism Education Trust (AET).

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EEF Trial of the SEND Review in Mainstream Secondary Schools

The SEND Review is a structured, peer-to-peer evaluation of SEND provision across a school. The aim of the programme is to improve provision for pupils with SEND in mainstream schools by helping schools to evaluate the effectiveness of their provision, and then implement a bespoke action plan to target areas of priority and drive improvement.

nasen Quality Framework

With a mission to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in education, nasen’s Quality Framework program allows products and services to undergo a review by qualified education specialists. Upon review, the nasen team will provide expert advice to optimise the accessibility of the product or service, supporting you to meet the diverse needs of individuals with special educational needs.




Early Years SEND Partnership Logo

Early Years SEND Partnership

nasen is proud to be part of the DfE-funded Early Years SEND Partnership Project led by the Council for Disabled Children (CDC). The other partners are:

  • Speech and Language UK
  • The Communication Trust
  • Contact
  • National Children’s Bureau (ncb)
  • Dingley’s Promise

nasen is currently working with Local Authorities across the country to develop their SEND provision at a strategic level.


Policy Hub

By responding to government consultations, we can use our lived experience of supporting children and young people with SEND and learning differences to help make sure that inclusive practice is at the heart of every classroom.

Use this page to keep up to date with the latest consultations relating to SEND, along with opportunities to feed into nasen’s organisational responses, and hints and tips that could help make your individual response quicker and easier to submit.

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nasen International

International declarations have made commitments to non-discrimination since 1960 and to inclusion since 1990, and now inclusion permeates the UN 2030 Agenda with its call to leave no one behind. Yet, we do not live in a world where education is inclusive and accessible to all children and young people.

At nasen we believe that every child and young person across the globe can achieve. As a trusted champion and protector of the education workforce, we have continued to strive to transform outcomes for the children and young people it serves.