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nasen Live 2024 - Exhibitors

Explore the latest products, resources and offers from some of the UK’s leading SEND organisations at nasen LIVE 2024
Enjoy exclusive exhibitor discounts and giveaways, available only for our visitors. 

AceCentre logo [blue text that reads Ace Centre alongside 3 wavy lines]

Ace Centre - Stand 1

For 35 years Ace Centre has supported people with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology (ATech) needs. We achieve positive outcomes for schools supporting students with physical disabilities and complex communication needs by drawing on the skills of our multidisciplinary team of teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and technicians. This support is delivered through our Ace Centre Assessments, Ace Centre Partnerships and Ace Centre Learning services.



Ambitious about Autism logo [black text that reads 'ambitious about autism' alongside three coloured triangles]

Ambitious about Autism - Stand 10

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity standing with autistic children and young people. We believe every autistic child and young person has the right to be themselves and realise their ambitions. We champion rights, campaign for change and create opportunities.





AQA logo [purple text that reads 'AQA Questions matter']

AQA United Award Scheme - Stand 57

Since 1903, we’ve been rewarding achievement by designing and delivering fair and inclusive assessment. We do this because quality assessment is an essential ingredient for a good education.  

We set and mark the papers for around half of all GCSEs and A-levels, but we’re more than an exam board. As an independent education charity we reinvest all of our income. From funding cutting-edge research, to supporting new insights that help raise the bar in assessment practice internationally, we’re always focused on fair and inclusive assessment and the positive impact it has on teaching, learning and society.

Cabin for schools logo [text reads 'cabins for schools' alongside a sketch drawing of a cabin]

Cabins for Schools - Stand 51

Cabins for Schools is a business dedicated to providing educational facilities with extra outdoor learning spaces. From nurseries and forest schools through to higher educational environments, our aim is to create unique, inclusive and inspirational areas where students can flourish and achieve their full potential.

Choose UK industry leading experts to design and install an accessible learning space perfect for your students with SEND & SEMH.

We manufacture our bespoke Outdoor Classrooms and Log Cabins for schools right here in the UK.

Century logo [pink text on white background that reads 'CENTURY']

CENTURY Tech - Stand 13

CENTURY Tech is an award-winning AI education technology company.

Our team of teachers, neuroscientists and technologists develop world-leading artificial intelligence tools for schools and colleges as well as learning and development environments.

Founded by entrepreneur Priya Lakhani OBE in 2013, CENTURY’s mission is to help teachers across the world to remove learning roadblocks so that every student can succeed.

CENTURY’s scalable technology creates a constantly adapting personalised learning path for every student across any curriculum. It provides teachers with real-time rich data insights to make effective targeted interventions.

Our powerful SaaS platform is used by leading schools around the world, and has been implemented by ministries of education on a national and regional scale.

The Careers and Enterprise Company logo [blue and green text that reads 'The Careers and Enterprise Company']

The Careers & Enterprise Company - Stand 16

We are the national body for careers education in England, supporting schools and colleges to deliver modern, 21st century careers education.
Our mission is to help every young person find their best next step.

We do this by working with both primary and secondary schools, colleges and employers to improve careers education and secure better outcomes for young people.

Our work is at national scale and delivered through our network of Careers Hubs that bring together schools, colleges, employers, and apprenticeship providers in local areas across England, working in partnership Mayoral and local authorities to connect with local skills needs.

Collins logo [black text that reads 'Collins']

Collins - Stand 58

Collins has been publishing high-quality education books for over 200 years. Our accessible range of market-leading resources support pupils throughout every stage, from early years to A-level, including a variety of resources for pupils with SEND.

We publish classroom resources and Collins Big Cat books to support DfE-validated Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised SEND programme and we are also home to award-winning cross-curricular primary music scheme Music Express, which features six topic-based SEND units.

In addition, you’ll find books from Barrington Stoke to engage reluctant readers and support those with dyslexia, ensuring every student finds joy and confidence in reading.

community playthings logo [white text on a blue background that reads 'community playthings']

Community Playthings - Stand 48

Children need simple, natural environments that promote open-ended, imaginative play. Since 1947 Community Playthings, has designed and manufactured wooden furniture and play equipment, drawing on expertise from childcare professionals across the UK and internationally.
Made in our workshops in the UK, the solid wood construction and robust joinery make for products that last decades. Our furniture is mobile, modular and adaptable, enabling you to change and configure your environments to suit the needs of each child and staff member.   All items carry our standard 15-year warranty, and we provide free 2-week delivery anywhere in the UK.

concero logo [black text that reads' concero' above blue text that reads 'education technology' on a white background]

Concero Education - Stand 31

Together, we support classroom accessibility with the latest adaptive technology for a personalised learning experience. 

Every student deserves the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. We support an equitable learning environment to help pupils and teachers unlock a secure and trustworthy digital environment.

Logo for connections in mind CIC

Connections in Mind - Stand 43

Connections in Mind is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). We specialise in executive function training and support. As global experts, we empower professionals working alongside neurodivergent students, enlightening them about the amazing power of our brains. Our goal is to provide compassionate, impactful teaching, coaching, and support, enabling students to thrive. This is in line with our mission to help people be kinder to themselves and those around them.

Discover a new perspective on your students' challenges and join us in unleashing the extraordinary power of our diverse brains.

Crick software logo

Crick Software - Stand 22

Winner of 14 Bett Awards, Crick Software products are the gold standard of literacy and special needs tools, compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, and Chromebook devices. 

They are widely used to support pupils with dyslexia, learning difficulties, speech or language impairments, physical disabilities, and other additional needs.

Clicker is the complete literacy solution for the primary classroom, providing every pupil with just the right level of support and challenge. Clicker comes with thousands of ready-made curriculum resources, saving hours of teacher time.

Crick will also be showcasing DocsPlus, the exam-friendly word processor for struggling writers in secondary school.

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd logo [black text that reads 'Dolphin' with blue text that reads 'Computer Access' alongside a blue dolphin image This is on a white background.]

Dolphin Computer Access - Stand 6

Dolphin Computer Access empowers students who are neurodivergent or vision impaired to read and learn in ways that are accessible to them.
EasyReader Premium enables schools to make curriculum resources accessible across their setting. Students can benefit from over a million titles from the RNIB Bookshare Education Collection, and read independently using their own choice of colours, fonts and voices. 
SuperNova Connect & Learn is an assistive technology kit for students with low vision. Students can independently complete coursework alongside their classmates, magnify and read printed handouts, view the interactive whiteboard on their screen and read accessible classroom resources.

Downs Syndrome Association Logo [black test reads 'Downs Syndrome Association']

Downs Syndrome Association - Stand 8

With decades of experience as the UK's leading charity dedicated to supporting individuals with Down's syndrome, the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) offers a breadth and depth of expertise to support both families and schools/colleges in the education of learners who have Down’s syndrome. Covering early years to adolescence, we provide comprehensive education-related information, resources and training courses tailored to the unique needs of families, school leaders and educators. Join us at our stand to tap into our knowledge and discover how we can support you in ensuring every learner can flourish.

The Dyslexia Shop logo (the words The and Shop are in black and the word Dyslexia is green)

The Dyslexia Shop Ltd - Stand 25

We are the national body for careers education in England, supporting schools and colleges to deliver modern, 21st century careers education.
Our mission is to help every young person find their best next step.

We do this by working with both primary and secondary schools, colleges and employers to improve careers education and secure better outcomes for young people.

Our work is at national scale and delivered through our network of Careers Hubs that bring together schools, colleges, employers, and apprenticeship providers in local areas across England, working in partnership Mayoral and local authorities to connect with local skills needs.

earwig logo [white background with orange text that reads 'earwig academic timelines']

Earwig Academic - Stand 3

Earwig's software and app make teaching evidence, pupil assessment, progress tracking, and reporting simple for special school staff and leaders. Classroom staff, therapists, and SENDCos can quickly capture moments of achievement as teaching evidence, and then generate vivid timelines for pupils, classes, or subjects.

This evidence supports comprehensive pupil assessment. By using any of our 400 frameworks, teachers can set targets, track performance, produce reports, and analyse cohort results. Frameworks can even be customised based on pupils' EHC plans.

Earwig has won numerous awards, been recognised by DfE and Ofsted, and was deemed a 'game changer' by The Sunday Times.

EDClass logo [dark blue text that reads 'EDClass' alongside icons of people]

EDClass - Stand 47

EDClass is an online platform that offers a virtual learning classroom and management portal with resources to impact learning, assessment and catch-up.

The platform provides a robust and safeguarded platform delivering personalised learning for remote, blended and flexible learning with UK-qualified teachers available, live and on-demand.

Schools can drastically reduce their workload and time spent searching for solutions for their students who require support as EDClass can help in a quick and efficient manner!

Elklan Training - Stand 32

Elklan provides effective and accessible training to ensure everyone in a child’s network can  support their speech, language and communication. The training courses support speech and language development for all children and young people, especially those with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). 

Elklan has created a national network of over 4,000 Tutors who have delivered Elklan courses to over 85,000 educational practitioners. These Tutors are typically Speech and Language Therapists and have completed an Elklan Total Training pack.

eteach logo [purple text that reads 'eteach']

Eteach Group - Stand 17

The Eteach Group is an EdTech software and services company, dedicated to providing education recruitment solutions to connect schools and colleges directly with educators. We specialise in supporting SEN departments with recruiting the right candidates for their roles. Part of the Eteach Group, Education Boutique is an alternative provision tutoring service, specialising in supporting funded learners who require an alternative approach to education to re-engage and reintegrate them back into a long-term school placement or educational provision plan

logo for Education and training foundation (ETF)

The Education and Training Foundation - Stand 11

Improving the quality of teaching and leadership in the Further Education and Training sector

Every day, educators and leaders across the further education (FE) and skills sector inspire curiosity, drive progress and empower learners to achieve their potential. The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is here to champion the vital role of the FE and skills workforce. Working in partnership, we drive professionalism by setting the professional standards for the quality of teaching and leadership across the sector. We provide educators with a pathway of professional development throughout their careers, champion inclusion and enable sector change for a thriving FE and skills sector. Together, we are transforming lives and opportunities for learners aged 14 and above.

Getech logo [blue text that reads 'Getech' above red box containing white text that reads 'LEGO' and black text that reads 'education' above black text that reads 'authorised reseller']

Getech - Stand 50

Getech helps schools and SEND provisions find technology solutions that put staff and students at the front of every consideration. We are proud to be Google's #1 Premier Partner for Education in the UK, but we'll admit – we have more fun bringing LEGO Education into our classrooms! LEGO Education gives teachers the tools to explore STEAM concepts and coding using familiar LEGO elements and storytelling while contributing to the literacy, maths and social-emotional development of all children. Our SENDBrick programme also offers SEND units and schools tailored programmes to implement LEGO Education within their Curriculum.

guide dogs logo [yellow text and yellow paw on blue background]

Guide dogs - Stand 14

Guide Dogs doesn’t just provide guide dog partnerships. We have a whole range of services, information and advice that can support people with sight loss, at whatever age or stage of their condition, and whatever they want to achieve.

We’re the largest employer of specialists dedicated to helping children overcome the challenges of sight loss, and we have a wide range of services for them.

We teach vital mobility and life skills, helping children to understand and explore the world around them. Because children with sight loss need to learn in a different way we bring the world to life through sensory play, description, touch, sounds and textures.  And from helping families to choose the right nursery, school or college to working with teachers and special education staff on their behalf, we’re here to ensure children with sight loss have the same opportunities as everybody else.

We also provide large print, tailor-made books through our Custom Eyes Books service, as well as a wide range of devices, technologies, software and sensory toys to use at home.

IDLS Group Ltd (blue background with the letters IDL in white)

IDLS Group Ltd - Stand 30

IDLS Group Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned awarding organisation and not for profit education charity, Ascentis.

We have a range of software programmes to help pupils aged 7 – 13 years:

  • IDL Literacy  - improves reading and spelling, particularly for those with dyslexia/dyslexic tendencies
  • IDL Numeracy – helps pupils struggling with Maths, designed with dyscalculic pupils in mind
  • IDL Wellbeing – helps pupils identify and understand their feelings in order to improve mental health and resilience.




IXL - Stand 41

At IXL, we’ve spent decades working with researchers and educational professionals to build a platform trusted by educators and used by 15 million students worldwide.

And we’re honoured to have been chosen as a Bett finalist for the past two years running! IXL gives you everything you need to improve results and help students achieve their potential in English and maths. In addition to helping your schools and students succeed academically, IXL can even uncover hidden obstacles to learning, increase teacher engagement, develop students’ motivation to learn, get parents more involved, and more.

Learn and Thrive logo [green and blue text that reads 'learn and thrive']

Learn and Thrive - Stand 56

Learn and Thrive is a charity which produces educational resources for children and young people with Down’s syndrome and other special educational needs. Created during lockdown, it aims to provide specialist teaching online, to be used across educational settings and in the home. The two projects, Teach Me Too and Learning for Life, cater for different age groups. The resources are all completely FREE digital tools to help children and young people with Down’s syndrome and SEN to learn and thrive.

Literacy Gold Logo [blue text that reads 'Literacy' and yellow text that reads 'Gold']

Literacy Gold - Stand 35

'Literacy Gold goes Beyond Phonics to address the underlying causes of reading difficulties.

We improve phonological awareness and poor eye control to build all the skills needed to read.'



Loudspeaker logo [white background with black text that reads 'loudspeaker']

Loud Speaker - Stand 53

Young people spend their lives learning what to say. At Loud Speaker, we teach them how to say it. We do this by providing unique, high - energy workshops that give learners the tools that enable them to speak professionally and leave them confident enough to take up opportunities. Across our 4 headline workshops, we cover topics such as public speaking, confidence building, personal storytelling, teamwork, leadership and so much more. Expect huge icebreakers, new friendships, disco anthems and maximum energy from our coaches throughout the day.

Mighty Writer exhibitor logo [black text that reads 'mighty writer' and '' alongside a cartoon image of a boy holding up a pencil]

Mighty Writer - Stand 4

Winner of the Education Resources Awards for Best Primary Resource, Teach Primary Awards 2020, Teach Early Years Awards 2021 for Best Literacy Resource. It is gaining a reputation as the world’s best primary resource for literacy.

Mighty Writer is a unique physical resource that transforms children’s literacy almost overnight, guaranteed! It is designed for every class of EYFS, KS1 and for intervention in KS2 and every school shows a transformation within 6 weeks.

All our CPD training is free, for life! Now used by 450k children in 50 countries!

NAHT logo [dark blue letters NAHT]

NAHT - Stand 45

NAHT is the definitive voice of school leaders. Alongside our members, we work to create a better education system for both educationalists and students alike. We represent school leaders working within a number of different areas of the education sector, and our members include head teachers, deputy and assistant heads, school business leaders, SENCO’s, virtual school heads and leaders of outdoor education centres.

NAHT is democratically run and supports its members through offering unparalleled protection and representation. We are committed to developing the profession through the excellent training opportunities we offer, and we use our highly-respected collective voice to influence the policy decisions of government.

Nurture International logo [green text that reads 'nurture international. Access to learning for all']

Nurture International - Stand 19

Nurture International offers a Developmentally Informed, Trauma Aware, Nurture Approach. We offer educational programmes which support schools to embed effective nurture practice. The Nurture Principles for learning, offer a systemic framework implementing a graduated approach to meet developmental needs for all. We provide the Digital Developmental Portrait, a time effective tool to identify individual, to whole school needs. This tool offers targeted strategies which address developmental needs enhancing mental health, learning and achievement.   
Using this approach enables schools to support all learners access the curriculum effectively in the classroom making inclusion achievable and real.  
‘Meet the needs of the most troubled and troublesome learners and you enhance the learning environment for all’. 

omi logo [blue text that reads 'omi']

OM Interactive - Stand 23

OMi is a pioneer in the design, development, and supply of gesture-controlled interactive technology for the Education, Health, Special Needs, and Leisure sectors.

Gesture–controlled technology is the art and science of combining images, colour, movement, and sounds to create motion-activated solutions for virtual reality, physical therapy, multisensory stimulation, and immersive play.

OMi systems provide an incredibly powerful tool that can inspire and engage the people in your care in ways that were previously not possible. Participants have fun whilst learning which results in a significant and sustainable improvement in their physical and cognitive abilities.

PANS PANDAS UK LOGO [Blue text that reads 'PANS PANDAS UK. Awareness support education.']


PANS PANDAS UK is the only UK charity supporting children and families living with the neuropsychiatric conditions PANS and PANDAS.

We provide information and community support to children and families. We raise awareness of the symptoms and treatment options for healthcare professionals so that they are better equipped to recognise when a child may have PANS or PANDAS. We provide teacher training and resources for education and related professionals so that families and children living with these conditions receive the support they so desperately need.

Pentagon logo [multi-coloured icon with the text 'Pentagon For Learning and Play']

Pentagon Sport Ltd - Stand 44

Introducing Pentagon Play- The UK’s Number One School Playground Provider with over 25 years of experience in crafting inclusive Outdoor School Playgrounds. With expert Outdoor Learning Consultants, Dedicated Project Managers and Qualified Product Designers, Joiners, and Installers, we strive to create inclusive play and learning environments that support neurodiversity, and guarantee unrestricted access for children with mobility, visual and auditory impairments. Our expertise allows us to work carefully and considerately with you and your pupils, to deliver an outdoor play and learning environment that suits your school’s specific requirements, and your children’s specific needs.

Phonic Books logo [white background with dark blue text that reads 'phonic books' alognside a cartoon image of an ant reading a book. Underneath text reads 'A part of DK Learning' in rainbow coloured font]

Phonic Books - Stand 46

Phonic Books specialises in truly decodable books which build solid reading foundations for beginner and catch-up readers aged 4-14+, with over one million books sold worldwide.

Logo for playtime for FAWNS [text reads 'playtime by FAWNS']

Playtime by Fawns - Stand 24

Inclusive, Inspirational and Fun playgrounds – individually designed to suit your children.

As the longest established play company in education, Playtime by Fawns are the recognised industry experts in outdoor play and learning for schools and nurseries.

Since our early beginnings as a family run business over 30 years ago, we have designed and built over 15,000 outstanding play spaces for schools and nursery’s, inspiring thousands of children to participate in physical activity and learn through play.

All as part of our mission “to help all children lead healthy, active lives”.

Rhino Sensory UK logo [a cartoon image of a rhino alongside blue text that says Rhino making sense of senses)

Rhino Sensory UK - Stand 52

Rhino UK is a leading supplier of multi-sensory rooms, offering complete design, installation, and maintenance services.

Their friendly sensory team are renowned for designing high-quality sensory rooms, immersive learning environments, sensory integration spaces, and bespoke safety padding.

With a rich history collaborating with schools and local councils, Rhino UK’s expert team create tailor-made sensory solutions to meet all needs and budgets.

Rhino UK is proud to have installed over 100 sensory spaces in special and mainstream schools across the country as part of its mission to make education inclusive for all.

Get in touch to find out how they can support your school community.

RNIB Logo [Black lettering that spells out R N I B underlined in pink with the phrase in black lettering that reads 'see differently' underneath]

RNIB - Stand 5

Are you working with learners with vision impairment or complex needs from birth to 25 years old? RNIB is here to help. 

We offer: 

  • Specialist advice and guidance 
  • Resources, training and events available for professionals 
  • Products, toys and games that promote independence 
  • Books, magazines and curriculum materials for leisure and educational purposes.
Sensory Guru logo [black text that reads 'sensory guru' alongside pink and purple wavy lines]

Sensory Guru Ltd - Stand 34

Sensory Guru is at the forefront of developing interactive technology for education and healthcare, accommodating people of all abilities. As the inventors of the innovative Magic Carpet and Sensory Eye FX eye-tracking software, they enhance human-computer interaction through sensory and immersive learning environments. Their commitment to solving complex interaction problems and amplifying individual capabilities drives their work. Sensory Guru’s technology makes impactful educational and therapeutic interventions accessible, promoting inclusivity and empowerment. Their passion for innovation leads to continuously creating solutions that enrich lives, ensuring technology serves as a powerful tool for enhancement and engagement in diverse settings.

smile education logo

Smile Education - Stand 2

Smile Education was founded in 2009 and geographically covers the East and West Midlands and Staffordshire. We also offer our RPO and MSP services on a national level. We offer a range of recruitment products that suit MAT's, Federations and stand-alone schools or academies, these focus on both quality and budget-friendly solutions. We are proud to be APSCo Compliance+ accredited and I also sit on the Compliance Plus Committee.

We are committed to finding the right staff for every school we work with and take time to really get to know both our staff and the schools. 

Speech & Language Link Logo (formerly SpeechLink)

Speech & Language Link - Stand 15

Created and supported by our team of speech and language therapists, Speech & Language Link’s award-winning, online speech and language assessments, interventions, staff training and resources empower schools in their work with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). Our packages, available in annual subscriptions, support pupils aged 4-14 years. 

The robust assessments allow school staff to quickly screen ALL students; enabling early identification of SLCN. Our whole-school approach aims to ensure that no student falls under the radar, that those with severe needs are identified for discussions with specialists where appropriate and that EVERY student reaches their full potential.

TG Escapes logo [black text that reads 'TG ESCAPES celebrating 21 years' alongside green text that reads 'modular eco-buildings']

TG Escapes - Stand 36

TG Escapes modular eco-buildings use modern methods of construction, traditional materials and sophisticated technology, to create a standalone net-zero space. Our buildings follow biophilic design principles maximising natural light and offering easy access to the outdoors. This enhances well-being and educational outcomes.

The innovative bespoke architect-designed system provides timber frame buildings which make ideal spaces for SEND and SEMH provision. Offsite construction minimises disruption, cost and risk and we offer a complete design and build service.

The buildings are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and highly practical with an A+ energy rating and designed to last 50 years or more with appropriate maintenance. 

TLC LIVE logo [text reads 'TLC LIVE online tutoring experts']

TLC Live - Stand 28

TLC LIVE are one of the oldest online tuition companies committed to transforming learning experiences for students requiring alternative provision and support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Through personalised teaching, TLC LIVE delivers tailored programs that cater to diverse learning styles, promoting inclusivity and academic progress. Our team of QTS teachers ensure the highest level of teacher quality while allowing schools the flexibility to fit the tuition to their needs, with no minimum booking and the ability to cancel or rearrange lessons with 24 hours notice without charge. With extensive experience TLC LIVE are supporting hundreds of schools across the country.

tts special direct logo

TTS - Stand 21

TTS Special Direct have an extensive range of resources to support children who have Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Speech and Language difficulties. Through our work with SEN experts we have a range of inclusive resources that support children in every aspect of their learning and development.

Widgit Logo [Blue text that reads 'Widgit' alongside an orange square containing a white outline of a person reading a book]

Widgit - Stand 9

Symbols can significantly help pupils who are learning to read, learning new vocabulary, have a learning difficulty or speak English as an additional language.

Over the past 40 years, Widgit has developed a very large and widely recognised symbol set (over 20,000 symbols) which is used globally. 
Widgit Symbols enhance access to learning by reinforcing new vocabulary, providing choices, encouraging attention, supporting co and self-regulation, as well as, increasing confidence and independence.

The symbols support teaching and learning throughout the early years, primary and secondary curriculums to ensure that children can access and understand lessons as well as communicate effectively. 

Young Epilepsy - Stand 49

Children and young people with epilepsy have a right to be heard. We stand with them.

Childhood epilepsy can be frightening, isolating and often a misunderstood condition.   We work with children and young people with epilepsy, to ensure their voices are heard and their rights protected.

We campaign for children’s rights. We deliver health services and research that improve diagnosis and treatments. We support children and young people throughout school, college, and university. We provide information, friendly advice, and practical help for living everyday life.