Autism Acceptance Month - Free webinars

26 Apr 2022|11:15
Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month may be coming to a close but we believe learning should take place all year round. For the next two weeks we are providing FREE* access to selected resources to help deepen understanding of autism. 

Included in the suite of resources is one of our bite-size video, which offers a 10 minute snapshot of good practice for new teachers.

Terminology and use of language:

Since this video was produced in 2019, the SEND community has moved away from the term Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and towards using the term Autistic or Autism Spectrum Condition. 

We are also very conscious of the fact that some people on the autism spectrum consider autism as the core of their self-identity and prefer using identity-first language, such as ‘autistic person’, while others feel that autism does not define them as an individual and prefer individual-first language, such as ‘person with autism’. 

In acknowledgement of these differing views and the fact that most of the research around preference of terminology does not include children’s voices, we now use a combination of terminology.

These sessions, – usually priced at £50 – is available free*, until Saturday 7th May.

*You will need to sign-up for nasen's FREE membership.

The full range of free resources includes:

  • Understanding Autism
  • Supporting Minimally Verbal Pupils
  • Understanding Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

For those keen to learn more, our Understanding Autism webinar, which is co-designed and co-delivered with associate trainers with lived experience is a must for anyone who’d like a comprehensive overview of current research.

Our Understanding Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs webinar, driven by first-person perspectives builds on the Introduction to SEMH session and is suitable for all staff. It will provide a comprehensive overview of current research and understanding around SEMH.

Our Supporting Minimally Verbal autistic pupils webinar, specifically look at the strengths and needs of minimally-verbal autistic pupils who may or may not have an additional learning difficulty.

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