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Change to Initial Teacher Training Frameworks announced

Sector News

Following a review, the government has announced changes to the initial teacher training frameworks. The changes come in response to the sector responses and the review findings. The most pleasing one, in nasen’s opinion, is the increase in content relating to SEND. The new framework, which is in development, will have significantly more content around adaptive teaching, and material relating to supporting learners with SEND. These will be incorporated into the new single framework which is to be a combination of the early career framework and initial teacher training core content framework. In September 2025 the new initial teacher training and early career framework (ITTECF) will be rolled out.

There will be a requirement to create diagnostic tools to appraise teachers’ expertise and give mentors flexibility to focus on the aspects most needed for that individual. There will be increased support for subject-specific training with Oak National Academy working to enhance what lead providers have already created. One of the biggest areas of concern during the current ECF programme was the workload of mentors. The new mentor programme will be condensed to one year from two and will have the elements that mentors found the most valuable. From 2025, providers will support mentos with more detailed resources for preparing and delivering their one-to-one sessions.

Margaret Mulholland, ASCL’s inclusion specialist, added that while there are “no ‘quick fixes’ for teachers or children”, the ITTECF does provide “more specific focus to developing the knowledge and skills to support pupils that need the most help”.