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Changes to Early Years Ofsted Education Inspection Framework Handbook

13 Jul 2022|08:26
early years

There has been one major change and 16 minor changes to the Ofsted Early Years Education Inspection Framework Handbook which will come into force from 1st September 2022. In Part 3: A new section on inspecting childminders under the EIF has been added. All previous references to childminders in parts 1 and 2 have been removed and incorporated in this section.

Other changes include: 

  • Paragraph 5-8: The ‘Privacy notice’ heading has been renamed ‘Gathering personal information on inspection’. Information in this section has been updated to focus on inspectors’ powers to gather, use and store evidence.
  • Paragraph 9: A new paragraph has been added to explain that Ofsted may carry out research as part of their inspection activities.
  • Paragraph 46: There is updated COVID-19 guidance and the addition of a bullet point explaining that the lead inspector may ask about the number of staff in the setting and their levels of qualification.
  • Paragraph 70: Clarification has been added to bullet point 2 regarding what inspectors will talk to children and staff about.
  • Paragraph 100: Clarification that meetings with leaders and staff must take place without the presence of any senior staff at the setting.
  • Paragraph 102: Clarification added that inspectors may speak to parents on the telephone if more convenient.

To read the full summary of changes and to access the updated EIF Handbook, see buttons below.