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Mandatory learning disability training to support healthcare staff a step closer 

23 Mar 2022|09:04

The House of Lords has passed an amendment to the Health and Care Bill that would see learning disability and autism training made mandatory by law for nurses and other healthcare staff in England. This would require the Health and Social Care Secretary to set out a code of practice outlining the content, delivery and accreditation of the training, and would provide a statutory reinforcement of the Government commitment from 2019 to introduce mandatory training.

Baroness Joanna Penn, responding on behalf of the Government, said the Government is ‘keen to support the amendment’ but will propose changes to ‘ensure it is fully workable and fits into the legal framework’, likely at its next reading at the House of Commons.

It comes as an evaluation of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism scheme – which was named after the teenager who died after being given antipsychotic drugs he was known to be intolerant to – is set to be published after an NHS pilot in 2021.