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Middle leaders express the positive and negative aspects of their roles in new report

13 Jul 2022|11:05

A new report by Public First commissioned by Education Support, the wellbeing charity for school personnel, focuses on the experience of middle leaders and their role in the current educational climate. The report highlights both the positive and negative aspects of the role of a middle leader.

There were eight key findings:

  1. There are many positive elements of middle leadership.
  2. There are recurring challenges specific to middle leadership.
  3. The pandemic is still having an affect on schools and increased online presence for middle leaders.
  4. Many middle leaders struggle with their mental health.
  5. The physical wellbeing of middle leaders is also under strain.
  6. Many middle leaders have lost faith in those responsible for their wellbeing and were sceptical about commitments to improve working conditions.
  7. There is a consensus around the traits of good leadership 
  8. There is universal agreement on the need for more training and shared best practice to promote improvements. 

This is a key document for all school leaders to read and understand the challenges and solutions to supporting middle leaders with their roles and ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of all decisions.