Must-read Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion is available for pre-order now

16 Oct 2020|09:00

The Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion - authored by nasen CEO and National Leader of Governance, Professor Adam Boddison - is available for pre-order now ahead of the Handbook being released on 29th December 2020.

The book aims to support all governors and trustees across primary and secondary schools, multi-academy trusts and specialist settings, in developing effective strategic practice to ensure an inclusive culture in their schools.

Adam shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise to explore the role and expectations of governance in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and inclusion.

The Handbook provides an introduction to SEND, inclusion and the six principles of effective governance including:

  • Practical advice and guidance for SEND governors and trustees on how to strategically monitor and review SEND provision
  • Reviewing how the relationship between SENCOs, SEND governors and headteachers works in practice
  • Advice on developing an inclusive culture in your school, including useful tips on achieving the right balance of support and challenge so that schools are enabled to meet the needs of learners with SEND
  • Sources of ongoing support and resources from professional organisations and websites.

"Professor Boddison has written what is undoubtedly the best practical guide to the governance of SEND in schools. Rich in content and clearly set out, there are 50 key messages to consider. The central exhortation for governors and school leaders to ‘Think SEND’ and embed ‘Co-production’ should be embraced by all." Malcolm Reeve, National SEND leader: nasen (Whole School SEND)

"We all, as governors, have a responsibility for SEND students and this is a 'must read' for all board members. As a SEND governor at two schools/Trusts and as Chair of Governors at a special school, this book has been a huge reminder to me of my role. It has led me to checking my practice and the agendas of my meetings to ensure we pay due attention to the points raised in this book." Jane Owens MBE, Chair of Trustees: Peninsula Multi-Academy Trust and Oak Trees Multi-Academy Trust

The Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion is ideal for all education professionals working at a strategic level, including governors and trustees, school leaders and SENCOs. It recognises the central role that governors and trustees play in setting the inclusive ethos of a school and suggests ways to ensure that strategic practice is as effective as possible.

The Handbook goes on sale on 29th December but you can pre-order a copy today!