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A photograph of the Grand Hotel Ballroom where nasen Awards 2022 were held

The nasen Awards are back!

nasen Award

6th October 2023, The Grand Hotel, Birmingham 

The nasen Awards recognise and honour outstanding individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to promoting and advancing inclusion. They provide an opportunity to highlight the often-unrecognised work of those who have shown a commitment to striving for, enabling, and creating environments that are welcoming and supportive to all, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or circumstances.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of all of those across the country and internationally who are working to break down barriers and create more inclusive schools and communities, and to inspire others to join the movement for inclusion by design.

The awards serve as a powerful reminder that together, we can create an education system, and world, where everyone is valued, supported, and given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Anyone can nominate an individual or organisation for an award and there are 16 awards up for grabs in total this year. Nominations today at Nominations are now open until 23rd June 2023.  

  1. Early Years Provision of the Year 
  2. Primary Provision of the Year 
  3. Secondary Provision of the Year 
  4. Further Education (FE) Provision of the Year 
  5. Specialist Provision of the Year 
  6. Alternative Provision of the Year 
  7. Co-Production Initiative of the Year 
  8. Young Advocate of the Year (Aged 16 and Under) 
  9. Young Advocate of the Year (Aged Over 17) 
  10. Leader or Leadership Team of the Year 
  11. Support Practitioner of the Year 
  12. Teacher of the Year sponsored by 
  13. Innovation in the Field of Inclusion 
  14. The David Ryan Award for Positive Media Impact 
  15. International Provision of the Year 
  16. Changemaker of the Year

Those shortlisted for an award, will be invited to the ceremony which is due to take place on the 6th October at The Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

For more information, please visit