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National Play Day 3rd August

03 Aug 2022|08:23

National Play Day is held every year in August and this year the theme is ‘All to play for – building opportunities for all children’. Play is inclusive by nature, though access to some playgrounds and play experiences could be made more inclusive. This play day the organisation are highlighting that play is a right for all children and that:

  • Play is essential for children and young people’s physical and mental health.
  • Play allows children and young people to make friends, develop relationships, and have fun together.
  • Play enables children and young people to feel connected to their communities, leading to happier communities for all.
  • Play has an important role in helping children and young people cope with stress and anxiety, deal with challenges, and make sense of what’s happening around them.

At nasen we believe that play is important for all children and especially those in the early years. Our webcast, The Importance of Play and Relationships, looks at how vital play is for the development of all children and especially those with SEN.