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Teacher-assessed grades update

27 Apr 2021|15:42

Ofqual have released guidance today detailing updated processes for external quality assurance of evidence for teacher-assessed grades: 

  1. Grades can be submitted from 26 May.
  2. Deadline for submission of data, including grades for the endorsements, is 18 June.
  3. Every centre will be asked to provide evidence of student work. Exam boards will request evidence for at least 1 A level subject and 2 GCSE subjects (one of which is likely to be either English language or maths).
  4. All centres will be asked to provide the evidence used to determine the grades for at least 5 students for each of these subjects.
  5. Exam Boards will let centres know which subjects and students have been selected in the week beginning 21 June.
  6. Evidence will need to be returned to exam boards within 48 hours of the request.

The submitted grades will be compared with a centre’s previous results and priority checks will be made on those centres whose grades vary more than previous historical data or are more out of line than other centres nationally. All of the submissions must be signed off by the Head of Centre and within this they have to state that access arrangements and reasonable adjustments have been provided in consultation with the SENCo and if not, that this has been taken into account. 

A precis can be read in the Ofqual blog including the arrangements for centre policies to be submitted by 30th April.