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Turn Taking Tuesdays webcast for Parents

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  • 25 Sep 2020
early years

This webcast will consider ‘Turn taking Tuesdays’, the sorts of activities you might do and why they are important.

Turn taking is one of the most important aspects of every young child’s development. Children get pleasure and enjoyment from seeing the face of a smiling parent, or feeling a gentle touch and this gives them a sense of safety, belonging and warmth. This is very significant in terms of early development as this triggers the release of feel good hormones . It gives the young child the motivation to seek out these pleasurable experiences again and again!

The desire to be part of a serve and return interaction is like a game of tennis. The stages of development which involve mirroring, copying, and imitating are important foundations for many later skills.

Suitable for: A parent/carer, Early Years Practitioner

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