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Advancing Accessibility - Microsoft announces new adaptive accessories 

17 May 2022|08:35

Microsoft has revealed a new line of adaptive resources to support people who find the conventional keyboard and mouse layout a challenge. There are three products that have been created and designed through close collaboration with disabled community members.

  • The Adaptive Mouse is made of three individual pieces: a central core, thumb support, and a mouse tail. The last two are accessories that can be attached to the core in order to meet the needs of the user. For example, larger grips can be attached to the core for an easier grasp and will work equally as well for left-handed or right-handed people. The core functions as a standalone mouse and can be connected to up to three other devices wirelessly or via USB. It also works with custom 3D-printed tails in case if any of the initial pieces don’t work for you
  • The Adaptive Button and Hub can be used together as an alternate keyboard. You can program up to eight different inputs to the Button from keystrokes to macros. The top of the Button can be removed and changed to something different.
  • The Adaptive Hub can connect up to four individual Adaptive Buttons wirelessly plus has three different profiles for different devices. The Hub also has several 3.5mm inputs so you can connect wired accessories.

It is pleasing to see that a lot more companies have started to take accessibility more seriously and Microsoft has been ahead of the field in this. One aspect is the current assistive technology pilot project around the use and awareness of within schools funded by the DfE and collaborating with Microlink. As part of the project, resources are being produced and hosted on our website.