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Free child development training for Early Years practitioners

14 Feb 2023|16:14
early years

The government has released the first four modules of the Early Years child development training. This is an online programme designed to help practitioners improve their knowledge and understanding of child development so they can support children in early education settings.

The training is designed primarily for:

  • early years practitioners in nurseries and private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings; nursery managers; and childminders
  • teachers of early years in school-based nurseries
  • mentees within the experts and mentors programme

Whilst this is the primary audience, the training is available to anyone who will benefit, including parents and carers.

There are ten modules in total and each module is anticipated to take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. However, this will depend on the individual needs of each user as the training is flexible to allow users to save their progress and return to the point at which they left off at any time.

Modules will focus on:

  • Module 1: Understanding child development
  • Module 2: Understanding brain development
  • Module 3: Personal, social and emotional development
  • Module 4: Supporting language development in the early years
  • Module 5: Supporting physical development in the early years
  • Module 6: Supporting holistic development
  • Module 7: Mathematics
  • Module 8: Planning inclusive learning
  • Module 9: Effective observation and assessment
  • Module 10: Supporting individual needs