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life cycle of a great idea illustration by SHINE [image shows the stages of a plant growth. The first stage is Inspire, the seeds of a great idea are cultivated in the classroom, second step is nurture - SHINE helps the teacher to test the idea, initially on a small scale, third step is grow - the project demonstrates impact on children and SHINE helps it to expand and the final step is flourish - the project increases in scale and no longer requires funding from SHINE]

‘Let Teachers SHINE’ competition open for applications

24 Oct 2023|13:46

SHINE, an education charity helping disadvantaged children in the North of England, has launched its ‘Let Teachers SHINE’ competition for 2024. Running in partnership with TES, the competition is open to any qualified, practising teacher working in the North of England or committed to their project being rolled out in the North of England. The competition offers up to £25,000 over two years to projects that meet their criteria and successfully demonstrate that their project will help disadvantaged child in the north of England succeed in maths, English or science.

The competition closes on 15th January 2024.