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Support for schools dealing with children affected by migration

Reunite Families UK is a charity supporting children, couples and families impacted by the UK’s spouse and partner migration rules. Many families face separation due to the rules, often long-term and sometimes permanent. They may also face immense financial pressure and emotional strain.

The research carried out by Reunite Families UK shows that children from these families face great mental health impact, including separation anxiety, stool holding, selective mutism and more. Schools do not always understand the complex immigration rules which act as a backdrop to these expressions of distress.

As the UK has increased the Minimum Income Requirement and associated fees this could be affecting more families. The rules impact families where one parent is British or has a settled status in the UK, and the other parent is not British and doesn’t have a settled status in the UK. 

The charity is calling out to schools who have families who are in this situation and they are offering to help your school to learn more about this issue and to support the children who are impacted by it. Please email for more information.