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World Forum looks at potential of AI to reshape education

artificial intelligence

A new report by the World Economic Forum has explored the potential of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise education systems and improve the experiences of learners and educators alike. The research outlines areas such as increased personalisation, streamlining administrative tasks, and increasing digital literacy. The report stresses the importance of safe and strategic deployment, with the awareness that protecting data and sensitive information is a high priority for education establishments. The report analyses the varied opportunities AI introduces to the education sector, emphasising the refinement of assessment processes for more timely and holistic evaluations and insights into progress. It also details how AI can optimise educator roles by automating and augmenting up to 20% of educator clerical tasks, reducing administrative burdens and enabling more time for teachers to focus on personalisation, improving pedagogy and supporting learners’ social-emotional needs.

The report includes case studies showing the innovative way that AI is already being used. Examples include:

  • UNICEF's Accessible Digital Textbooks initiative - this utilises AI to develop digital tools that support diverse learning needs, particularly benefiting those with disabilities by providing customisable, inclusive, educational resources.
  • In Brazil, the Letrus programme uses AI-driven feedback mechanisms to significantly improve literacy skills across socioeconomic statuses in hundreds of schools.
  • Kabakoo Academies in West Africa harness AI-enabled virtual mentors to provide personalised learning experiences and mentorship, preparing young people for self-employment in informal economies

With the continuing recruitment and retention of teachers across the UK an issue, the introduction of AI to support learners and support staff could have potential to help alleviate the issue.