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An introduction to Interoception

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  • 19 Jan 2021

Interoception, often referred to as our eight sensory system, is an increasingly important focus for work exploring social and emotional wellbeing. Our understanding of internal sensory signals plays a fundamental role in our understanding of ourselves and others. This course, suitable for all staff in all settings, will explore the importance of how we process our ‘inner selfie’.   

What will this course cover? 

  • An introduction to the interoceptive sensory system and the role it plays in our social and emotional world 
  • The relationship between interoception and a wide range of needs that may be identified in all children, including those with SEND 
  • A brief overview of current interventions and support aimed at developing children and young people’s interoceptive awareness 

What are the potential benefits to you and the children or young people you work with? 

  • You will have greater awareness of the role that internal sensory signals play in understanding ourselves as well as other people 
  • You will have a better understanding of some of the difficulties children and young people experience around emotion recognition and social understanding 
  • You will be able to design new, or enhance existing, interventions aimed at supporting interoceptive awareness  

Suitable for: SENCO, Senior Leader, Support staff, Teacher

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