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Teaching English and Drama in Specialist settings

  • Online
  • 19 May 2021 (15:30 - 17:00)

This webinar, for all staff working in special school settings, will focus on both drama and poetry. A key part of the English curriculum, the session will highlight how both areas can be used not only to extend pupils’ experience and understanding of language but also as a consolidator of emotional literacy.

What will this course cover?

  • Storytelling and drama within the SLD English Curriculum – a detailed exploration
  • Using language with those who do not speak
  • Teaching empathy and the understanding of emotions through drama and poetry

What are the potential benefits to you and the children or young people you work with?

  • Greater understanding of how to create opportunities for communication
  • A deeper recognition of the key role that language can play in supporting emotional literary
  • More confidence in supporting pupils who do not use spoken language as their primary means of communication

Suitable for: Assistant Head Teacher, Consultant, Deputy Head Teacher, Early Years Practitioner, Education psychologist, Governor, Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager/Leader, Newly Qualified Teacher, Other, SENCO, Senior Leader, Student, Support staff, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Tutor

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Dr James Galpin

Meet your trainer

Dr James Galpin

Jamie is an Education Officer at nasen and leads on the development and delivery of the organisations CPDL programme. He is also a chartered Developmental Psychologist who specialises in universal difficulties that children and young people experience. He has been working with children and young people with SEN for the past 18 years. Whilst working both as an SEN teaching assistant and then as an SEN teacher, he completed his Master’s degree in Child Development. His interest in the practical applications of research then led him to complete a Master’s in Research in Education. Jamie went on to complete his PhD in Developmental Psychology where his focus was on emotion in children’s drawings and the relationship between language and drawing. Jamie continues to work in developing practice-based evidence and putting theory into practice in education. 

Jamie has delivered CPDL to a range of education professionals including teachers, supports staff, SENCOs and other senior leaders on a range of SEND related topics