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nasen announces 'Twilight Talks- Research Series' in partnership with University College London (UCL)

Research Series
Twilight Talks

As part of nasen's commitment to enabling best practice rooted in evidence and research, we are delighted to bring you our 'Twilight Talks- Research Series', in partnership with respected and established researchers from University College London (UCL). 

In this series of five exclusive webinars, members will gain an invaluable overview of the most up-to-date research and recommended SEND and additional needs practices, directly from esteemed UCL researchers. The research explores a range of SEND-related topics, and these webinars aim to develop knowledge and awareness, providing points for reflection and elements to consider, helping you develop your understanding and your practice.

Session 1: Evidence-Informed Practice, Dr Miriam McBreen 

Evidence-informed approaches and how these can be helpful in selecting suitable strategies to support learners with special educational needs

Session 2: Evaluating What Works in the Classroom, Prof Jo Van Herwegen 
This session will explore how to objectively evaluate what works in the classroom, with an understanding of a range of bias-free evaluation methods.

Session 3: Accessing Children’s ‘Voices’ on What Matters to Them: An Overview of the Research and Recommended Practices, Dr Susana Castro-Kemp
This session will provide a wide-ranging overview of the research evidence on how the ‘voices’ of children are currently captured in their EHCPs; as well as critically exploring recommended practices for accessing learner's perspectives on the support that is provided to them.

Session 4: Using Focus Groups in Education Settings, Dr Leda Kamenopoulou 
This session will introduce members to using focus groups as an effective method for collecting views from multiple stakeholders and will provide a valuable overview of focus group methodology.

Session 5: Session 5: Do You Understand, or Do You Just Listen? – Co-Producing Research in Specialist (Autism) Mentoring, Dr Brian Irvine 
This session shares findings from Dr Irvine's work to develop an effective model of Specialist (Autism) Mentoring, providing a wider view of many Autistic learners' journeys from school into Higher Education. Members will consider the research, gain insight on how to help their students prepare for university life, and will understand a model of reflexive mentoring.

Please see below for further information on each session and to learn more about our UCL partners delivering the sessions.

Discover the sessions: